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A Look Back -2017

Jan 17, 2018 By

A lot of changes occurred in 2017 – from leadership changes to starting new programs!  Through the changes, The Pantry continued to serve approximately 1,000 households each month totallying around 30,000+ meals.

In 2017, The Pantry opened the Fresh Market that offers fresh vegetables and fruit at a reduced price to our community.  This new resource is through the help of United Way funding. The Pantry is working collaboratively with Access and 4 other pantries to provide more healthy food to our neighbors.

Through a partnership with the USDA and ASCET, a quarterly distribution of roughly 50 pounds of food was distributed to around 10,000 additional individuals. At the holidays, people received holiday meal groceries and gifts. Through the NOW Program, individuals with chronic illnesses received weekly education and support along with appropriate healthy groceries aimed specifically at maintaining their health and wellness. We also worked with ASCET to serve our senior neighbors living in neighboring senior apartments and in addition offered our seniors an opportunity to visit the pantry once a month through our Senior Pantry partnership.

We couldn’t have done this without the support of our individual and business donors and local churches!  We are so grateful for each and every donor!


Volunteers: The Heart of The Pantry

May 6, 2017 By

volunteer-opportunitiesThis National Volunteer Week, we’d be remiss if we did not recognize and thank our amazing volunteers for the energy and passion they bring each time they give their time to The Pantry. Did you know that The Pantry only has two paid staff members? With each volunteer hour being valued at $23 by the Independent Sector, we could not keep The Pantry doors open without all of you.

Our volunteers help us in so many different ways. From seamlessly checking in our neighbors and taking them shopping through the pantry, to restocking the shelves and hosting food and personal care drives, to picking up donations from our partners around town- our volunteers are truly the heartbeat of our organization!

Reasons for volunteering are different for everyone, yet the aim is still the same- to help the community in which they live. Some are called to action because they have a deep connection to their community, or because they believe is social justice and health equity. Some have even walked in the shoes of our neighbors, and want to help others on their journey. Though the motivation of our volunteers may differ, their hearts work together for a healthier, hunger free Kent County.

Do you want to get involved? We are always looking for  help during pantry hours. We’re also searching for enthusiastic folks to to serve on our committees. If you have a group looking for a night of service, we’d love to put you to work! Email  Yoli, our Pantry Manager, at yolifuentes@thepantry.gr to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. We’ll help you find the right fit!

A great way to get to know us better is just around the corner. Join our team at the 40th Annual Access Hunger Walk on Sunday, May 7 – we’re looking for more people to walk with The Pantry team! Learn more and sign up here: http://thepantry.gr/40th-annual-hunger-walk/ #HungerWalkGR

Again, a big thank you to The Pantry volunteers who make our programs, services, and change in the community possible! Also, a big thank you to everyone who donates their time to help those around them.

You are the heart, you are the change!

Asking for Help When you are Raised Not To

Sep 23, 2016 By
Born in China, Li Min has lived in the US for 10 years. Her husband is an American. They have 3 beautiful children. They met while he was in China setting up contracts for the manufacture he used to work for. She works part-time for a local non-profit and does some medical translation work. Her husband is on disability after an auto accident. They receive some help by way of food stamps (SNAP), but have a hard time making ends meet. She was not accustomed to asking for help. In fact, she was raised to be very independent. In the past though, when she has had extra translation work around the holidays (seasonal work only) and made a little extra money, DHS has cut their food stamps to nothing and it has taken months to get them reestablished. Having to ask for help is hard.

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Doing The Incredibly ‘Unsexy’ Work of Meeting Emergency Needs

Sep 2, 2016 By

Some people think that operating a food pantry is old hat, that we need something new. In a sense, they are right. We should be looking for ways to help people that come to a food pantry to find the help or resources that they need in order to provide for themselves. That would be ideal. Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal. Obviously, people don’t want to have to use a pantry. They want to make it on their own. People are often embarrassed and even a little scared the first time they come in to a pantry. They’d rather not have to and honestly we’d like nothing more than to have our neighbors not need us here. The fact remains though, year after year for over 30 years, we’ve seen thousands more people come to us in need. Not just need, but emergency need. It is one thing to come up short on rent, it is quite another to have to choose between paying rent and buying food. Read full post

Farm to Pantry

The Pantry’s CSA Partner Plainsong Farm is Putting Faith into Practice

Jun 21, 2016 By

From their blog plainsongfarm.com:

It’s easy to proclaim beliefs. It’s harder to live them out. We know. We’re trying it. This farm is a faith-based experiment. As disciples of Jesus, we want to tend Creation wisely. We want to satisfy the hungry with good things. We trust we’re not alone in these aims. We welcome you, your family and maybe even your church to discover more about how you can put faith into practice with us.


At The Pantry, we feel a special kinship in ministry with Plainsong Farm, our goals are very similar, we aim to Feed the Hungry: Mind, Body & Soul.

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Netflix, Gym Memberships and Sustaining The Pantry in the Lean Months

Jan 22, 2016 By

I just cancelled a monthly subscription to a service I hadn’t used in several months. I signed up, lost interest, schedule changed… you know how it is and paid for the service for at least another six months. It’s easy to forget! That’s the downside of monthly deductions, you can loose track of them. That same mechanism though that makes it easy for us to start something and then forget about it can also be used for good.

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One Volunteer Tells His Story: Boldenow says, “I receive much more at ‘The Pantry’ than I give.”

Oct 21, 2015 By

Wednesday mornings I volunteer at ‘The Pantry’, a food bank located at John Knox Presbyterian Church.  Early in the morning I sort fruits and vegetables and display them in a pleasant way for clients to pick up; ironically my first job as a young teen was sorting and displaying fruits and vegetables in an urban farm stand. Flashbacks.

At 10:00 am ‘The Pantry’ opens and I do ‘intake’ which involves talking with the clients and making entries in an area wide database that tracks income, number of people in the family, address, visits to the pantry, and the like.  This not only ensures that we are serving the clients in need and prevents jumping from one pantry to another, but allows us to identify other pressing needs that can be addressed.

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NEW We’re Making Changes to the Holiday Giving Network

Sep 29, 2015 By

The Pantry is making some changes to the way we serve those in need around Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past, individuals, social clubs and church groups had picked up information sheets for roughly 1,250 families in need of a holiday meal basket and directly provided those items needed for their holiday meal. Unfortunately, many were unable to make that connection mainly because of the transient nature of the rural/suburban poor. Many labor hours were spent each year by staff at The Pantry and at area churches; still we had unmatched families and families that could not be reached. Both donors and recipients were disappointed. Not only was the process of delivery and reception of the holiday meal baskets fraught with difficulties, but the process of families coming in and signing up for the baskets was tedious, requiring dozens of volunteers to process unnecessary paperwork; an experience that was unnecessary and dehumanizing. Read full post

Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Sep 17, 2015 By

A 30th anniversary only comes around once and we’d like to celebrate with you! We’d like to celebrate you and your relationship with The Pantry at a fundraising event on October 1, 2015. Whether you are a longtime supporter or new to the work we do, we want to have you come out and joing us for lunch. We’ll be honoring a supporting business partner, a few key support churches and a longtime volunteer from John Knox Presbyterian Church.

The Pantry started as a ministry of John Knox in 1985. During interviews with volunteers and members of John Knox Church last year, a few older members remembered that during 1985, 30 years ago, a small food ministry began with funds being set aside and groceries purchased across the street at the grocery store, then delivered from the trunk of a family car by volunteers as needed.That continued for a few years until donations of food and volume of need required a larger closet be cleared for them; this is where the real roots of what we have become took hold.

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Back-2-School Success for our Children

Aug 11, 2015 By
Backpack Giveaway

Fill it up

We’ve become acutely aware that for many area children we are their best hope for a hunger-free summer and a smooth transition back to school. We are always looking for ways to help the 3,500 children who come to The Pantry with their parents each year. In the past, we have always haphazardly distributed school supplies to those who asked for them from what we had received. Since the start of school is almost a month away we’d like to organize a giveaway for 100 children in our service area. Our goals is to collect the items below and assemble backpacks to give away. School starts in nearby districts on September 8, 2015. We’ll announce a date for distribution during the week before the Labor Day holiday.

  1. New and gently used backpacks
  2. Notebooks (spiral and composition)
  3. Pens and #2 pencils
  4. Pencil pouches
  5. Pencil sharpeners
  6. Folders and binders
  7. Tape and glue

If you are out gathering up supplies for your little ones or grandchildren pick up a few extra for us at The Pantry or give on-line and we’ll buy the items for you! Just click here -> Back2School Supplies

Success: Nutritional Options for Wellness

Jul 2, 2015 By

Success Measured One Life at a Time: Offering Nutritional Options for Wellness

Our NOW (Nutritional Options for Wellness) Pantry, is a collaborative work with Spectrum Health and Access of West Michigan, helping people with chronic health conditions to take control of their illness. This is our second year as a NOW Pantry site. At The Pantry we love this program! The program facilitates change, real change in peoples’ lives. Reducing health concerns for one person adds huge value back into the community by returning people to greater productivity, helping lower everyone’s overall health costs, and increasing quality of life. Even the social safety net receives a reprieve when someone’s health is restored and their illnesses managed!

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Mind the Gap

Jun 16, 2015 By

Anyone who’s been to London or watches enough BBC America, knows the phrase Mind the Gap. The expression is a warning to keep an eye out and don’t slip between the train and the platform, that gap can be very dangerous. But I am thinking of another dangerous gap, the one between adequate groceries and food insecurity and a different sense of the word mind, not look out for, but be upset by this gap.

We should mind the gap, mind that there is a gap for many between having enough and not nearly having enough. There should be a bit of indignation in our voices when we say that there are hungry people in this country of plenty an right here in our own community. Summer is a time of particular need. Kids are out of school, kids who would normally be receiving lunch provided for free and a take home supper are home during the summer months in households that struggle to bridge the divide of their ‘grocery gap’. In an early BLOG I wrote, I outlined the problem in detail; so, I will spare you more on that here. Instead, let me tell you about one our neighbors, Trina… Read full post

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