Host a Rent Party at Your Home, Office or Club

In 1920’s Harlem, as African-Americans came North looking for a better life, the changing neighborhoods of New York saw price increases in rent. Often people would share a home with several friends or families or even shift sleep allowing two tenants to use the same room if they worked opposite shifts. These Rent Parties became a means of helping hard working people meet the rising costs of housing. The tenants would host a party at their place, providing typically, food and live entertainment while charging a door fee or passing a hat.

In 2016, The Pantry has found itself in a situation where our rent obligations have increased $25,000 for the calendar year, without any warning. We are hoping to fill this gap in funding by passing the hat at a series of Rent Parties. Our ‘LIVE’ music will be provided by Justin Stover, a self-proclaimed One Beard Band. Justin plays under the name of Stovepipe Stover and gigs regularly around Grand Rapids. His styling is unique and his voice is star quality. A man with a heart for the poor and a golden-tongue, his music will be played LIVE on a yet to be determined date and streamed to several Rent Parties that day. For those of us hosting at a later time, the stream will be made available to you as well.

For more information and a Rent Party kit call our Executive Director at 616.710.3278 or email us at and don’t forget to check out Justin Stover’s website.


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