Have You Heard of Giving Tuesday?

Join the Movement: A National Day of Giving

It’s that time of year again! The festivities begin on THANKSGIVING, Thursday, November 24th, gorging ourselves on savory meats and scrumptious desserts. We spend time with friends or family. Then we brave the traffic and stand in line for deals on BLACK FRIDAY. If we are an avid locavores, we do some shopping at a hometown store on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. Next it’s those on-line sales on CYBER MONDAY, shopping from our phones or computer for those special deals. After this extended weekend of indulgence we are snapped back to reality though on Tuesday. Don’t just head back to work on Tuesday bloated and tired! This year, don’t let that post-holiday reality check go unheeded. Engage in an unselfish act of giving on GIVING TUESDAY, November 29th.

By @GivingTuesday, November 29th,  The Pantry is hoping to raise $24,600 to cover the expense of rent in 2017. With raising the money for our rent out of the way, we can focus on innovative new programming like the Senior Pantry partnership we introduced with fall with Meals on Wheels. Equally important are the emergency food services that we provide to almost 35,000 people a year and the case management we provide that can help to change the course of our neighbors’ lives. You are making a difference feeding mind, body and soul.



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