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Providing our neighbors with essential ingredients to transform their lives.

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Food Pantry Hours

Are you in need of food for yourself or family? The Pantry can help. Learn more about our Food Assistance programs or contact us at 616.455.9411 or via email at info@thepantry.gr.

The Pantry is open:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00 am- 1:45 pm

Thursday: 6:00 pm- 7:45 pm


Thursday: 9am-3:00pm

There will be no regular pantry during commodities.


4307 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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Support Our Mission

Fall Harvest Dinner & Fundraiser

Mark your calendars, our annual Fall Harvest Dinner & Fundraiser is Tuesday, October 8! Enjoy an evening of delicious food as we come together to support The Green Apple and its mission.

In the past year The Green Apple has provided over 30,000 services to our neighbors. We offer healthy food options at The Neighbors Choice Pantry and the ability to obtain fresh, locally grown produce at the Fresh Market.

The evening will include a silent auction and will have other opportunities to show your support. Join us for dinner as we celebrate the history of  the John Knox Pantry and the future of The Green Apple.


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From the Blog

Why Good Food?

Mar 25, 2019

I went grocery shopping recently and when I came home had to figure out where to put everything I had bought.  All of the fresh produce had to fit in the fridge, along with the yogurt, cheese, milk, and other cold foods. The freezer had to be rearranged to hold the chicken, frozen veggies, and such. All of the canned and boxed food had to be organized in my pantry.  I have a small kitchen with limited storage space and I have to think ahead when shopping about where to put everything when I get home.


While I was putting everything away I was thinking about our new home at The Pantry.  It is sort of like my small kitchen.  We have less space now than we used to, by almost 7,000 square feet, so our focus on having healthier items for our neighbors just got even more important.  If we have even less room on our shelves and in our warehouse, we have to make sure that what we do keep on hand is the most nutritious options for those who will be coming to receive it.  Read full post