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La Terra Grand Cru White Wine Moschato Limnos 750 ml Limnos Organic Wines
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Excellent dessert wine from overripe vineyards of low acreage yield. It combines in a unique way, primary aromas and fermentation, with the exuberant taste of the charismatic "Moschato of Alexandria".Served at 7 degrees Celsius as an aperitif, but mainly as a dessert, accompanied by rich sweets and ..
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Sun & Sea White 750ml Limnos Organic Wines
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The combination of the Aegean sun and the saltness of the sea, generously offer us this very balanced, aromatic, tasty, white semi-sweet wine from the variety Moschato Alexandria, which is cultivated in the volcanic soils of Lemnos.A delicious experience that will be engraved on your palate and you ..
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Fine dessert wine, from overripe grapes, with the color of old gold. It includes, in a unique way, all the primary aromas and the exuberant taste of the charismatic "Moschato of Alexandria".It is a wonderful aperitif served at 7°C and offers an excellent taste experience accompanied by rich swe..
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Bio Limnos White 750 ml Limnos Organic Wines
A fresh, dry, white wine, intensely aromatic, with a luxuriant taste and an aftertaste that lasts. Enjoy it at 10° C, accompanying seafood and white meat...
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Ambeloessa Limnos White 750 ml
Noble white wine made from free run must of " Muscat of Alexandria" grapes, early ripening in the volcanic soils of Limnos. Rich in flower aromas and smooth taste is expecting to offer you unforgettable moments. It is served at 10°C as an aperitif and accompanies beautifully white sauce dishes ..
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Trip To Limnos White 750 ml
Organic Dry White Wine, Appelation of Origin Limnos of High Quality.A true travel to Limnos of aromas and the authentic flavour. This fine dry, carefully made, wine contains abundantly the characteristic flower aromas and the luxuriant taste of Muscat of Alexandria grapes. Enjoy it at  9-1..
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