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Cherry sweet sugar-free sweet is made from 100% fresh fruit and Greek grape juice. This is a handmade dessert of high quality and excellent taste, following the traditional Greek cuisine without changing its quality and taste...
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Sugar-free spoon sweet made from fresh selected quinces from Kiato, Corinth, boiled in fruit juices and arbaroriza.This extremely tasty spoon sweet contains this fruit at least 78%. Enjoy this aromatic dessert with yoghurt or accompanying your afternoon coffee.After opening, keep in the refridgerato..
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Spoon Sweet Sugar-Free With Lemon 240 grams
Sugar-free preserve from fresh lemons from our region, cut into strips for a special dessert with a delicate aroma.Lemon's health benefits are largely due to the many nutrients it contains, such as vitamins C, B, phosphorus, protein and carbohydrates.This delicious and so beneficial for the body pre..
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Sugar-free dessert made from fresh juicy oranges from Kiato, Corinth. This delicious dessert contains at least 78% of this fruit. Cut it into small pieces and add it to halva, cakes and other sweets.It can be combined beautifully with Greek coffee and is an excellent choice for dessert during period..
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Spoon Sweet Sugar Free With Grapes 240 grams
Homemade preserve without sugar with fresh white grapes from the Corinthian land, the favorite fruits of August and the most delicious.Grapes contain natural sugars, ferrum, vitamins A, B, C, K and fiber. It is rich in potassium, calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium with a particularl..
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Sugar-Free preserve with fresh wild figs. It is made from spring wild figs that frow on the mountain. Figs are rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A, B, C.The benefits to the body are many and should be part of our diet.This delicious and beneficial preserve contains at least 6..
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Spoon Sweet Sugar-Free With Bergamot 240 grams
It is made from 100% fresh fruit and grape juice of Greek production. This is a high quality handmade dessert, which follows the traditional Greek cuisine without changing the quality and taste...
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Combines the classic flavor of acclaimed almonds, kalamon olives, fresh herbs and honey...
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Sweet tomatoes picked in August from the sun drenched fields of the Peloponnesse...
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