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A fresh, dry, white wine, intensely aromatic, with a luxuriant taste and an aftertaste that lasts. Enjoy it at 10° C, accompanying seafood and white meat.Feel free to contact us:
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Organic Dry White Wine, Appelation of Origin Limnos of High Quality.A true travel to Limnos of aromas and the authentic flavour. This fine dry, carefully made, wine contains abundantly the characteristic flower aromas and the luxuriant taste of Muscat of Alexandria grapes. Enjoy it at  9-10°C, accom..
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Noble white wine made from free run must of " Muscat of Alexandria" grapes, early ripening in the volcanic soils of Limnos. Rich in flower aromas and smooth taste is expecting to offer you unforgettable moments. It is served at 10°C as an aperitif and accompanies beautifully white sauce dishes ..
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Exquisite semi-sweet red wine, resulted from mingling together the varieties of grapes Limnio and Cabernet Sauvignon. A very pleasant balance of tannin and sugar, in a base of fresh red fruits. To be served at 10-12 °C as a starter with fruits, dried fruit and nuts light food.Feel free to conta..
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Pleasant and delicate dry red wine with aromas and flavors of fresh red fruit. A unique wine from Limnia Ampelos (grepevine). Aristotelis favorite wine variety, that thrives in the volcanic soil of Limnos from ancient times until today. Served at 15-17° C accompanies ideally the delicious honey..
12.00€ Ex Tax:12.00€
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