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Greek mountain tea is a self-grown herb, which flourishes at attitudes above 1000 m. Its beneficial characteristics are so many, that it has been scientifically researched several times. It is an excellent tonic for the human body, without any amount of caffeine. Its unique and rich flavor, makes it..
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Energy Blend offers powerful natural sources of flavor and energy. Enjoy the beneficial properties of the "herb of immortality", which since ancient times has generously provided its healing properties. The tonic effect of mint blends harmoniously with the stimulating properties in body and mind pro..
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Excellent relaxing decoction with lemon aroma. The rich Greek biodiversity makes louiza unique in taste and aroma, with top medicinal and beneficial herbs for the human body. Louise hot extract is famous for its aphrodisiac properties. It should be avoided by people with hypotension, as it lowers bl..
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The excellent taste of mint is so special that just the mention of its name can be enough to create a feeling of freshness. In addition to the refreshing and enjoyable freshness that mint offers you, its nature has given generously, many and rich healing properties. Feel free to contact us: info@the..
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Rose petal tea and especially Rosa Damascena, which is one of the best varieties in its class, is considered one of the top beneficial drinks for body and soul. Rose petals stand out for their beauty, their dreamy aroma but also for their awesome beneficial properties for the human body. Enjoy the m..
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Unique taste and at the same time detoxification from the effect of daily life on our body. It is characterized by a strong citrus flavor, which in combination with its rich aroma, takes you on a wonderful tasty journey giving a sense of health and well-being. Ideal for any time of the day. Feel fre..
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