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Brand: Samythos
Unprecedented flavors with high nutritional value. You may use it in sandwiches, burgers, dressing for salads and to give body and flavor to meat and fish sauces. Combine with cheese, cold meats and chocolate. Great taste and nutritious, too...
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Brand: Samythos
Extraordinary product with a balanced flavour, a bouquet of sesame seeds, sweet organic Ceylon cinnamon and a slightly bitter organic clove. ..
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Organic Tahini Wholegrain - Unhulled - Cold Pressed 400 grams
Brand: Samythos
Tahini with a high fluidity, full taste and aroma of roasted sesame seeds with the dominant notes of peanut and hazelnut in the aftertaste...
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Brand: Samythos
Its uniqueness has been recognized by top chefs and nutritionists. It is the only tahini that has 100% of the vitamins and minerals that raw sesame has. It is the only tahini made from raw, uncooked sesame that exists in the Greek and European market. It is the only tahini suitable for a homophagic ..
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Brand: Samythos
Set of 3 Products: 1) Organic tahini raw - naturally dried - wholegrain - unhulled 200 grams, 2) Organic tahini wholegrain - unhulled - cold pressed 400 grams, 3) Organic tahini wholegrain - unhulled - cold pressed with organic raw honey and spices 200 grams...
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