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Taste The Experience

Special gift in PouchInside the most delicious and extremely "lovable" pouch you will find:Excellent tahini with cranberry Vrosis, which is also an ideal combination for wine and side dishesHoney cream with Alipseto strawberryOh! Gaia handmae delicious and miraculous bites with apple and cinnamonHan..
49,00€ Ex Tax:49,00€
Taste the Experience Gift Box + 1 Mystery Gift.A special and delicious wooden gift box for your partner. The Box contains:1L Extra Virgin Olive Oil Miterra.Very nutritious and tasty bites Oh! Gaia with peanut butter and proteinOrganic red wine semi-sweet from Limnos ThoasHandmade Snobduck Lavender s..
82,00€ Ex Tax:82,00€
Luxury Box Taste The ExperienceFlavours from all over Greece. Unique taste experience in a handmade luxury box to impress its recipient. Combination for the whole day, either for an invigorating brekafast, or for a cosy night of relaxation or gathering.Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L MiterraExcellent Caro..
75,00€ Ex Tax:75,00€
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