These are natural products extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, proteins, and antioxidantsn which are at the same time emblematic of the Greek land and Greek production. These are foods that we all know such as:

Kozani yolk, Chios mastic, pomegranate, mountain tea, olive oil, oregano, hiney and tahini, to which we can have easy and daily access. By adding them to our daily diet, we strengthen our body's defenses and offer our body extra care and energy.

  • Kozani Yolk Rich in medicinal properties, Greek saffron is anti-aging and anti-cancer, while at the same time it flavors and colors soups, rice and meat.
  • Chios mastic contains natural aromatic resin which is beneficial for the digestive system and the health of the oral cavity. Apart from that she puts her wonderful aromatic signature on sweets and drinks.
  • Pomegranate the beneficial properties of pomegranate are multiple. It protects against viruses because it is rich in Vitamin C, improves the reproductive capacity of men and has three times more antioxidants than green tea.
  • Mountain tea in addition to its benefits to our digestive system and the help it can offer to colds, mountain tea contributes to the proper functioning of memory and inhibits osteoporosis.
  • Olive oil is a real treasure trove of valuable vitamins, contains omega-3 fatty acids. is anti-aging and protects brain function. It is a shield to protect our body against cancer, Alzheimer's inflammation and colds.
  • Oregano includes many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Oregano is expectorant, antibacterial, antioxidant and very invigorating.
  • Honey is the elixir of youth and beauty, honey, is the quintessence of taste and aroma. Honey  give us energy and it protects us from anemia.
  • Tahini is made up of a significant amount of vegetable protein. Plenty of vitamins and other antioxidants are some of its beneficial ingredients.

You can stock up every day with a bottle of olive oil for your salad or a jar of thyme honey that will sweeten your yogurt and satisfy your afternoon hunger.

We are fortunate to live in a country endowed with rare biodiversity and a great climate.

Greek Superfoods are unique. There are studies that distinguish their value in the international market and data bring them to the forefront of medical research. Put them in your life dynamically and upgrade your eating habits and the quality of your daily life.

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